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New Jerusalem Elementary School


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    Laurie Fracolli, Principal                         Ext. 2376

    Audra Paoletti, Admin. Assistant     Ext. 1101

    Teachers & Staff

    Shannon McComb, Kindergarten

    Taylor Grijalva, 1st Grade 

    Laura Kahler, 2nd Grade

    Miriam Patterson, 3rd Grade

    Marie Jo Fernandez, 4th Grade

    Emily Stremfel, 5th Grade

    Bonnie Douglas, 6th Grade

    Amy Soriano, 7th Grade

    Bob Perkins, 8th Grade

    Bridget Deneau, Resource

    Lori Smith, District Nurse

    Dear Falcon Families,

    We had a successful return to school! Thank you for trusting our staff to keep your children safe and cared for. We made every effort to modify our practices and procedures to ensure we kept social distancing and washed hands a priority.

    We made a few adjustments to our drop off and pick up plans after we observed the day.

    Starting tomorrow:

    * All grades are to drop off students at their staggered times at the front of school.

    *All grades are to pick up at their staggered times at the front of school.

    * All bus riders will report to the Bus Zone area to load busses.

    * K-2 will dismiss to our Bus Zone area at 12:00 pm.

    * Grades 3-8 will dismiss to our Bus Zone area at 12:15 pm.

    * All busses will depart at 12:30 pm.

    Thank you for all your support!

    Mrs. Fracolli


    Estimadas familias de Falcon,

    ¡Tuvimos un regreso exitoso a la escuela! Gracias por confiar en nuestro personal para mantener a sus hijos seguros y cuidados. Hicimos todo lo posible por modificar nuestras prácticas y procedimientos para asegurarnos de mantener el distanciamiento social y el lavado de manos como una prioridad.

    Hicimos algunos ajustes en nuestros planes para dejar y recoger después de observar el día.

    Empezando mañana:

    * Todos los grados deben dejar a los estudiantes en sus horarios escalonados al frente de la escuela.

    * Todas las calificaciones deben recoger en sus horarios escalonados al frente de la escuela.

    * Todos los pasajeros de autobús se reportarán al área de la Zona de Autobuses para subir a los autobuses.

    * K-2 saldrá a nuestra zona de autobuses a las 12:00 pm.

    * Los grados 3-8 saldrán a nuestra zona de autobuses a las 12:15 pm.

    * Todos los buses saldrán a las 12:30 pm.

    Gracias por todo su apoyo!

    Sra. Fracolli

    Back to School

    We are so excited...Tuesday Oct 13th, our K-6th grade students are coming back. Please make sure that you have the Student Prevention Protocol signed, have your student give it to the staff member at the gate. If you can't print the form, please see Mrs. Paoletti at the main school gate, she will have copies for you to sign.


    Estamos muy emocionados ... Martes 13 de octubre, nuestros estudiantes de K-6to están regresando. Asegúrese de tener firmado el Protocolo de Prevención del Estudiante. Haga que su estudiante se lo entregue al miembro del personal en la puerta. Si no puede imprimir el formulario, consulte a la Sra. Paoletti en la puerta principal de la escuela, ella tendrá copias para que las firme.

    Dear New Jerusalem Elementary Families,

    Welcome Back! New Jerusalem Elementary School District applied for a Transitional Kindergarten (TK) through 6th grade waiver with the San Joaquin County Public Health Services for the return of students to in-person learning. We are excited to share that we have received notification that the waiver has been approved! We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time as the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to directly impact the lives of our students, families, teachers, staff.

    We are pleased to welcome all K through 6 grade students on campus beginning Tuesday, October 13th for a modified school day and week, (see Daily Schedule). We will be following all of the State safety guidelines (see attached Safety Protocols for Students and Staff). The next planned step is for all 7th and 8th grade students to return on October 20th.

    Finally, we have families with multiple children spanning multiple grade levels. In order to accommodate those families, siblings will arrive and be dismissed at the same time as their youngest sibling. For example, a family with a K, 3rd, and 5th grade students will arrive and be dismissed at the Kindergarten time.

    Working together, our team of professionals continue to be committed to providing our students with a learning environment that is not only rigorous and thoughtful, but delivered in a Safe, Kind and Fair manner.

    Should you have any questions or concerns that you feel need to be addressed for your student(s) regarding academic or emotional support please feel free to contact the office and/or the teacher directly via email or by phone at 209-830-2597.

    This packet includes the following information to assist you and the school as we reopen on October 13th.

    ·        Daily Schedule

    ·        COVID-19 Student Prevention Protocol (This must be signed and brought on the first day of school)

    ·        COVID-19 Staff Prevention Protocols (For your information)

    Link for Kdg-5th Grades for Clever

    Link for 6th-8th Grades to Edgenuity

    Click here for Meal Time Online Payments and NSLP Application