After School Sports


Our District’s teams play against other rural schools. We field both “A” (7th and 8th graders)and “B” (5th and 6th graders) teams in soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Students from grades five through eight are encouraged to participate. Team members must maintain a 2.0 G.P.A. (C average) and have no Fs in core subjects.


When transporting students to and from New Jerusalem School by private car on any authorized trip, the following rules and regulations must always be obeyed:

  1. The driver must observe all traffic regulations of the California Vehicle Code.
  2. The number of occupants in any vehicle must conform to the number of seat belts.
  3. Board policy requires proof of insurance and a driver’s license for any private automobile/driver, which will be part of a field trip. If you are going to drive students on a trip, the office must have on file: 1) a signed form acknowledging private transportation regulations, 2) a copy of your driver’s license, and 3) an insurance policy for an individual or group of $500,000.00 general liability insurance coverage. The insurance policy must name the insurance carrier, the covered party or insured individual, and all policies must be dated.
  4. Transportation of youngsters in dune buggies, motorcycles, go-carts, tractors, lawn mowers or riding in the back of pick-ups is not permitted.
  5. Any vehicle employed for student transportation must be in good working condition. Special attention shall be given to the safety of the students.
  6. The Superintendent and Principal must authorize any and all trips.

Permission Form: Parents must give written permission for their children to be transported to any school-sponsored event off the school grounds.